The Store!!!

The store has now been officially launched!  

The launch party was a success...Sepultura, Slayer and Slipknot played.  And they sounded great. As well did the other bands I had in my itunes line up.  

There was a lot of whiskey, and I may have done a few things I shouldn't have...let's just say I broke a couple of my own rules.  

Three words. 

Rodeo clown porn .

Ok., o.k, so there was no rodeo....and, the whole event was far less interesting...I spent the evening in my studio trying to figure out how to get an html box to say "store".  But there was definitely a lot of whiskey.

If your reading this, you should absolutely check out the horror store.  You'll find a line of affordable limited edition and collector's edition prints; a series of paintings I've been recently creating from some of the best horror films ever made. 

If you like what you see, please pass the link along. Your support is important for continued endeavors not to mention rodeo clown porn vices.

Viva la clown!

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Horror Illustration Store....

...coming soon to a browser near you.

Currently in progress is the store. My goal is to offer affordable collector's edition and limited edition prints available through the website. So if you like what you see online, you can enjoy it offline and support future endeavors.